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A renowned Christian leader in Nigeria stated that revolution is not the answer to Nigeria’s current problem. It is prayer, Kayode Abiara, claims will fix Nigeria. As violence between Christians and Muslims continues to grow more and more deadly, Abiara says that if all Christians and Muslims pray for peace, God will answer their prayers. Will you pray for peace in Nigeria?                           
4/30/2013 Nigeria (Daily Post) – Renowned cleric and General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Kayode Abiara, has stated that the situation in the country requires urgent prayer and not revolution, DailyPost can report.
Abiara urged Nigerians to pray ceaselessly for the nation, saying it was prayers that had kept the country together.
The cleric said this in Lagos during a press conference to herald the church’s Power and Fire Night, with the theme, ‘He Will Do It Again with Signs and Wonders’.
The cleric said, “If not for prayers of both Christians and the Muslims, the country would have collapsed by now. We must thank God for the churches and the mosques.
“The call by some people for revolution is misplaced. The situation in Nigeria does not require revolution but prayers.
“Instead of shedding blood through revolution, Nigerians should pray. God answers prayers. I believe God will answer our prayers. I believe in prayer, not in revolution.”
Abiara urged the Federal Government to compensate victims of Boko Haram’s attacks in the North.
He said though the compensation would not bring back lost lives, it would go a long way in making the victims or victims’ families happy.
On amnesty for members of the fundamentalist, the cleric said the programme would not solve the problems of terrorism in Nigeria.
Abiara said, “Whether they have amnesty or not, the problem would never cease. When you grant them amnesty, another group will come up.
“If you grant them, you must be ready to grant amnesty to armed robbers and other militant groups. The Federal Government must think deeply. It must seek the face of God. Violence will not cease unless Jesus Christ comes. I urge those on the committee to seek the face of God.”

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