Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Counting the Cost

For decades, the stories of Burma’s warfare against Christian tribes have made headlines around the world. Children are forced to become soldiers and human minesweepers, churches are burned to the ground, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes. Labeled by one government report as the “C-virus,” Christianity has continued to grow despite persecution.
In efforts to assist our persecuted brothers and sisters, ICC partners are bringing help, hope and love to those who need it most. Last year alone, ICC funded outreaches that brought much-needed medical relief, spiritual discipleship, and educational support to over 3,000 women and children inside Burma’s Karen areas.  

More than a Cause 

For children and parents who have been traumatized by war, these visits demonstrate the love and hope of Christ in the best possible way.
What a joy it is for us to partner with you to bandage and build the kingdom of God among the persecuted. ICC donors who are standing together with their persecuted brothers and sisters are a witness of God’s goodness to His people.

Crossing the Bridge

Your designated gift to the ICC “Community Rebuild” fund will not only bless Christians in Burma, but will do so much more. We will rebuild churches, dig water wells, bring job training, and even restore the sight of the blind. Wherever Christian communities are attacked for their faith, we want to be there to bandage and build them.
The sad truth is that we have been turning down projects every week for the last couple months because our “Community Rebuild” fund has run dry. Would you please make a generous contribution today so that we can continue to bandage and build God’s persecuted peoples?
Click here to donate today and help ICC rebuild broken communities!