“Plead before the Lord for His mercy on Syria.”

The church in Syria is experiencing a deep humanitarian crisis that is leading to the rapid loss of hope. In the face of violence and persecution, our brothers and sisters are striving to keep their eyes on the Lord and seeking His face in their country. As the church in Syria is suffering in this war and watching what is happening to their land, they are also seeing that God’s hand is at work and only He can bring His redemption to Syria as a nation. Even in pain, suffering, and death, God is using the church to accomplish His plan.

On Saturday May 11, 2013 churches ALL OVER SYRIA will unite in one heart before the Father. They are meeting in their churches, homes and gathering places to send their cries to our Lord. Please join your brothers and sisters on May 11 in prayer and fasting.

The reason we are here is stronger than the [bullets] we hear or the curfews in place for our safety,” said a Christian in Damascus. “We are truly seeing His mighty hands in the life of our Church and people. We are seeing doors to share the truth with many of the Syrian people. I can’t fathom all the doors God is opening up for the Church to speak the truth into people’s lives.”

Please pray through these specific prayer requests sent by churches throughout Syria:

The Church of the Nazarene:
–    Repentance and return to God
–    Reconciliation among all Christian denominations
–    Reconciliation among all the Muslim denominations
–    God’s glory and goodness over the country, and for Syria to flourish
–    The stop of blood shed
–    Integrity for the Syrian citizens around the world

The Armenian Catholic church:
–    Peace in Syria
–    All those who are kidnapped,  Christians and Muslims
–    God to shed His light on the country’s leaders to lead Syria to the shore of peace

A Christian leader:
–    Christian families and the Christian life
–    The children during this time
–    The young adults and youth during this crisis

The Syriac Orthodox Church:
–    God’s protection over the Christian population
–    The sick
–    The needy and the displaced
–    Those who are kidnapped:  kidnappings are happening to everyone, especially Christian leaders

The Baptist Church:
–    Salvation and confession of faith
–    People, specially believers, to remain in Syria and for people not to immigrate
–    Protection of mind, spirit and body
–    The physical and material needs: people are broken by prices and are not able to afford life
–    The Druze community: God is saving them these days, but we are praying for more harvest

A Christian leader:
–    Safety for all Syrians as they travel across the country. So many people must travel in their work. What can they do?
–    Safety for Shipments of Scriptures and Spiritual Books that move all across the country.
–    The Servants of the Church who take care of so much of the transportation! People are so much in need of Scriptures these days!
–    The refugees and internally displaced: almost one third of Syrians population
–    The incredible conflict to come to an end and may God help all these to return to their homes
–    All Syrians who have received displaced people in their homes: Pray that they will be gracious and loving in this undertaking.
–    The surrounding countries that have taken refugees: that they will be able not only to give shelter but true care to our dear Syrian fellow-citizens.
–    The many people that are suffering from lack of work, lack of funds and extremely high prices! What to pray? Comparing prices between Aleppo and Beirut has shown us that it’s more expensive in Aleppo. Can you imagine what that means to people in Aleppo? Pray, please!
–    All the children and young people who still go to school and university: Pray for safety when going there. Pray that they will be able to concentrate on their studies and will learn a lot, as there might not be electricity to study when they come home.
–    All the people who have lost loved ones, who have had family kidnapped, who have suffered physically.
–    People suffering from trauma: The situation is desperate. Millions are living in fear 24 hours a day. Many haven’t slept properly for more than a year.
–    The Church: that it will think about the needs of people and for a while forget about its own needs. That the Church will be a hospital for the sick and that it will provide the remedy.
–    A miraculous reconciliation between the different groups: that everything that people think is impossible will be possible for God.
–    Cleansing and healing of our country.

The Roman Catholic Church:
–    The continues prayer gathering in churches, and the unity among churches to stand together
–    The increase of immigration among Christians that we see
–    The children: their childhood has been stolen from them

The Silesian Catholic Church:
–    Peace to return to Syria
–    The people and the poor that have gotten hurt by this crisis: the situation keeps getting worse and the need increases
–    The displaced that are suffering
–    The families that have lost loved ones in the war
–    The youth in Syria and the future reality they have to face

A Christian leader:
–    Peace in Syria
–    Hearts to feel secure
–    The ones in need and the poor
–    The sick and disabled that are in need

A Multi-Denominations Group:
–    The students that are in need
–    The college students
–    The children that had to face suffering and pressure.

The Alliance Church:
–    Peace in the country
–    Safety for the church people
–    The role of the church to minister for the physical and the spiritual needs of the people
–    Comfort for so many people who lost their loved ones
–    Release for kidnapped people
–    Healing for the injured
–    Freedom from fear and depression.
–    Wellness for traumatized children in particular who are going through a very scary time

The Church of the Nazarene:
–    Spiritual salvation and redemption for people in the land
–    Those who got saved for him: that they are encouraged and kept
–    A change to everything that is happening in Syria for His glory’s sake

The Presbyterian Church:
–    The release of the 2 bishops
–    All the spiritual and religious leaders: protection and wisdom
–    The future of the Christians in Syria and for them to remain rooted in their land
–    The safety and peace in Syria

The Maronite Catholic Church:
–    Peace to this region and all the countries that suffer from crisis and lack of humanity and dignity
–    The unity of the Christian hearts in Syria and outside
–    Unity and openness among the Christian and Muslims denominations and all others.

Please stand alongside the church in Syria by praying and fasting on Saturday, May 11 to “plead before the Lord for His mercy on Syria.”

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