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ICC Note:
After announcing it would consider granting Boko Haram amnesty in exchange for peace, Nigeria has had to beg the extremist group to accept the amnesty deal. Boko Haram is thought to have killed over 3,000 people during its three year insurgency. Most of the group’s victims were selected because of their Christian identity. As the government continues to pander to Boko Haram, it also continues to ignore the suffering of Boko Haram’s victims. Will Nigeria deny Boko Haram’s victims justice on top of denying them aid?                
4/16/2013 Nigeria (AllAfrica) – A group known as Northern States Christian Elders Forum (NOSCEF) Wednesday in Abuja chided the federal government for giving in to the calls for grant of amnesty to members of Jam’atul Ahlis Sunna-lidawati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram.
Speaking at the opening of the group’s meeting, the chairman, Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye said, “It seems government is begging Boko Haram to accept amnesty.”
“If we start begging the offender, what do we do to the offended?
“If amnesty is granted to Boko Haram, all those awaiting trial in our prisons and the armed robbers already jailed should be granted amnesty. This is equity and fair play.”
Owojaiye regretted that Christians have paid so many prices since independence to sustain the corporate existence of Nigeria yet Christians have not gained much.
“While we’re to turn the other cheek when we’re slapped, the master didn’t say, ‘If they cut one of your legs, present them with the second leg for cutting.’

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