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Jail for practicing your religion?

ICC Note:
Subtle, and not so subtle, persecution continues for Christians in Kazakhstan. We are keeping our eye on the new proposed laws that could result in jail-time for religious minorities practicing their faith in Kazakhstan.
By Joseph DeCaro
4/8/2013 Kazakhstan (Christianpersecution)- In Kazakhstan, anyone who shares their faith could be jailed under proposed new laws that would increase the penalties for those practicing their religion.
The General Prosecutor’s Office said the intent of the new laws is to prevent extremist activity.
The final draft of these laws are expected to be approved by the government before going to parliament in July. Currently, the draft can make exercising one’s freedom of religion — formerly an administrative offense punishable only by fine — a criminal offense that can also include “corrective” labor, community service or imprisonment for up to six months, according to Barnabas Aid.

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