Libya Releases Four Egyptian Christians from Prison

ICC Note:

After spending more than a month in prison, Libya has released four Egyptian Christians accused of proselytizing. According to sources in the Egyptian media, the accusations against the four Christians have been dropped. Libya is home to a very small Christian community, persecuted by both the government and radical Islamist across the North African country.                

4/12/2013 Libya (Reuters) – Libya on Thursday released four Egyptian Christians who spent more than a month in jail after being accused of proselytizing, Egypt’s state news agency MENA said.

Quoting church sources, MENA said Libyan authorities had dropped the charges against them. A fifth detained Egyptian died in a Tripoli prison last month, it added.

The release comes after Egypt extradited two members of the regime of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi earlier this month. An Egyptian court barred the extradition of a cousin of Gaddafi claiming to hold Egyptian citizenship.

Last month, Egyptian judicial sources told Reuters Egypt was seeking to swap the Libyans with the Egyptian Copts.

On Wednesday, Libya decided to grant Egypt, struggling with economic and political turmoil, a $2 billion five-year interest-free loan.

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