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ICC Note:
After being abducted in front of Father Paula Church in Shubra al-Kheima on Sunday, a Christian child has been recovered by police. Motivations behind the abduction are still not clear, but this incident shows how Coptic Christians in Egypt are targeted for some of the most heinous crimes. The abductors have been captured and will face justice for their crimes. Although this story has had a happy ending, how many other Coptic Christian parents are missing their children still?             
4/9/2013 Egypt (Egypt Independent) – Qalyubiya and Sharqiya security authorities freed a Coptic child who was abducted on Sunday from in front of the Father Paula Church in Shubra al-Kheima.
The child, Abanoub, is the son of businessman Ashraf al-Khawaga.
A security source from Qalyubiya Security Department said Sharqiya security authorities arrested five suspects who had weapons in their possession.
Authorities are coordinating efforts to hand over the child to his family.
The prosecution heard the testimony of the church pastor who filed a report with the police after shots were heard outside the church before the child was kidnapped following the Sunday Holy Mass. The child’s father did not file a report about the incident reportedly after receiving threats from the kidnappers that they would kill the child if the police intervened.
The prosecution sent bullet cases found at the site of the abduction to the criminal investigations lab for examination.

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