North Korean Christians Ask for Prayer Amid War Threats

ICC Note: North Korea’s dictatorial regime led by Kim Jong-Un has ratcheted up tensions with the international community in recent days by threatening to start a nuclear war with the United States. Christians in North Korea live in total secrecy and as many as 70,000 are estimated to be imprisoned in labor camps. 

4/5/2013 North Korea (Charisma) – North Korean church leaders are asking Christians worldwide to pray for their country in the midst of war threats and preparation for war by country officials.

“Prayer for our beleaguered brothers and sisters in Christ is more important than ever,” reports Open Doors, an organization that supports persecuted Christians in 60 countries.

In a secret letter that was smuggled out of the country, the underground Christians describe the warlike atmosphere.

“We are to meet the decisive battle with a gun in one hand and a hammer in the other,” summarized a Christian leader about the message that the North Korean people recently received from the “high command.”

“The military army, navy, air force troops, strategic rocket troops, the red guards and the red youth guards are already in combat mode. Urgent meetings are being held everywhere, regardless if it is day or night. At those meetings, officials make decisions on what needs to happen in case war breaks out. Everyone, including women, needs to be combat-ready.”

According to Open Doors’ sources, many cars on the road are covered with camouflage nets, and soldiers carry guns and wear hats with camouflage dried branches.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un released a statement to his people, saying that “if war breaks out because of the actions of the U.S. and puppet South Korean’s unpardonable behavior, they will end up with a disgraceful downfall and our people will greet a brilliant new day of reunification. The day has come to show off the power of ‘Military First’ and great nation to the whole world.”

Christians and other citizens fear war and its consequences.

“Many people are in a hurry to purchase emergency food supplies and daily goods, just in case. The prices of goods, including food, are skyrocketing,” says one believer in North Korea.

North Korean Christians are grateful for their foreign counterparts and request their urgent prayers.

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