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Secular Sweden Sees No Problem in Sending Christian Converts Back to Iran?
Iranian converts say asylum applications are denied because judges don’t understand their plight.
ICC Note: Though Sweden has been a safe haven for many refugees, including Christians, there are several Iranian converts to Christianity currently being denied refugee status by the Swedish government who may face deportation back to Iran, Christianity Today reports. If deported, it is likely the Christians will be persecuted as converts to Christianity from Islam are often imprisoned in Iran for apostasy.
By Melissa Steffan
3/28/2013 Iran (Christianity Today) – Sweden may be one of the most secular countries in Europe, but it still is a safer haven for immigrant converts to Christianity than their home countries in the Middle East.
Yet Charisma News reports that Sweden is denying religious refugee status to Iranian Christians, threatening to extradite them. Applicants complain that secular immigration judges don’t understand the risks they face back home in Iran as converts.
Swedish newspaper Varlden idag noted the Charisma report, and previously has reported on the situation for Iranian Christians in Sweden. Earlier this year, the site covered the case of one woman whom the Swedish Immigration Service refused to believe was a Christian, even after she was baptized as such in Sweden. Following protests, however, Sweden canceled the young woman’s deportation in February.

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