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Christians in Libya have tightened down security over this Easter holiday. Many fear attacks from Islamist militants, so they are spending money on hiring armed guards for churches. Will Christians in Libya be safe over the Easter holiday?  
3/31/2013 Libya (JPost) – Churches in Libya tighten holiday security in concern for safety of congregants from possible threats from Islamist militants.
Churches in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, are tightening security measures before Easter celebrations on concern that Christians will be targeted by Islamist militants.
The doors of the Christ the King Church in the city’s Old Town will be closed during services, Reverend Vasihar Baskaran, vicar at the Anglican church, said in an interview. In previous years they were left open, with people free to come and go, he said.
“I asked the congregation not to linger in the courtyard, and just to go home after the service,” Baskaran said. “We do not want to provoke any distractions.”
Baskaran said he also cancelled a Palm Sunday parade through the streets. Police guards are stationed around the capital’s Coptic Church. Further east, the Vatican closed the Congregation of the Holy Family of Sapoleto, a 100-year-old monastery on the coast at Derna, and evacuated the Franciscan Sisters of the Child Jesus convent at nearby Barca.

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