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ICC Note: Despite the perception that Christians are able to freely practice their faith today in China, tight controls on the expression of religious beliefs remain in place. Earlier this month two Christian women were arrested and detained for 10 days after distributing Gospel tracts in the far Northwestern province of Xinjiang. The two have hired a human rights lawyer to defend their case. 
3/27/2013 China (ChinaAid) – Two Christian women who had printed and were distributing Gospel tracts in the far western region of Xinjiang were held under administrative detention for 10 days and have hired a lawyer to seek a review of their case, ChinaAid has learned.
Wang Yuxia and Zhang Xiaocun were released from their 10 days of administrative detention on March 8 and have retained a rights defense lawyer and have applied for an administrative review of their case in an effort to protect their right to religious freedom in accordance with the law.
The two women, who are passionate about evangelization, had printed up a large number of tracts about the history of Christianity, the Christian faith and the benefits to society of believing in Christianity, and were distributing them in a law-abiding manner on Feb. 25 in the town of Qixing (Seven Stars), the village of Naimudong, in the Group Two area when they were taken into custody by officers from the Qixing police station at about 3 p.m. They were sentenced to administrative detention the same day.
While they were in detention, the family members of the two women received “Notification to Detainee’s Family Members,” and when they were released, the two women received their “Administrative Penalty Decision” and their “Statement of Release from Detention.” The two women have now, with the help of their lawyer, drafted an “Application for Administrative Reconsideration” in compliance with the legal procedure for a review.

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