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ICC Note:
The Christian communities of Nepal have finally started looking for something they have been fighting to get for years. Burial grounds for Christians have been a point of contention in the Asian country, as the Buddhist majority would not allow Christians to bury their dead. Now with the government’s backing, the Christians have set up a task force to search for a place where Christians can give their family members a final resting place.            
3/18/2013 Nepal (Republica) – A taskforce formed by the government to seek solutions to the long-standing problem of burial grounds facing Nepal´s Christian communities has started its work.
The 16-member taskforce, headed by former Constituent Assembly (CA) member Binod Pahadi, will scout for at least two separate places for burial ground in each of 75 districts in the next four months. “We will recommend one temporary burial ground and one long-term burial ground for each district,” said C B Gahatraj, joint coordinator of the committee.
The taskforce, which has joint secretaries from various line ministries as ex officio members, will submit its final report to the government by the end of this fiscal year (July 15). “Based on the report, the government will arrange burial grounds for us,” said Gahatraj, who is also General Secretary of Federation of National Christian Nepal (FNCN).

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