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ICC Note: Ezzat Atallah, one of the more than 50 Egyptian Christians that were arrested in Libya last month, died while in prison likely due to health problems, the Associated Press reports. The Christians were detained for allegedly proselytizing and distributing Christian literature. Thirty-five of the Christians were deported back to Egypt last week for illegally entering the country, while 20 were cleared to stay in Libya. ICC has yet to confirm the reasons for Atallah’s death, but there is concern that it may have been a result of harsh treatment while in prison, as many of the Christians were reportedly tortured by Libyan officials. Atallah was one of five Evangelical Christians arrested in the crackdown.

By Aya Batrawy

3/10/2013 Libya (Associated Press) – An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official says a man suspected of trying to spread Christianity in Libya has died in prison there.

The diplomat says Ezzat Atallah, who suffered from diabetes and heart ailments, likely died of natural causes. He spoke anonymously Sunday in line with regulations.

Atallah was among five Evangelical Christian Egyptians detained in Libya for allegedly proselytizing in the predominantly Muslim nation.

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