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ICC Note: The following article describes what could be one of the final efforts in Washington to halt provisions of the Obamacare health plan which, according to some, significantly violate religious freedom. Part of the new health care plan will require business owners, including Christian’s, to provide for abortion-causing drugs in their employees health plans or face significant fines. 
03/06/2013 United States (ONN) – A prominent pro-family group is warning that unless the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill gets behind a proposal designed to stop the Obama administration’s assault on First Amendment rights, that “firewall of protection” around religious freedom could very well crumble beyond repair.
The Family Research Council and other faith-based groups spoke out yesterday for conscience protections for religious business owners and individuals from the federal government’s mandate on abortion-causing drugs, sterilizations, and contraceptives.
Wednesday in the nation’s capital, three House Republicans introduced legislation they say will halt the Obama administration’s “assault” on religious freedom. The Health Care Conscience Rights Act (HCCRA) (H.R. 940), they say, offers a “reprieve” from ongoing violations of Americans’ First Amendment rights – including full exemption from the controversial HHS “birth-control mandate” as well as conscience protection for individuals and healthcare entities that refuse to provide, pay for, or refer patients to abortion providers because of their deeply-held, reasoned beliefs.
Shortly after the announcement in Washington, DC, several Christian leaders attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville met with the press to offer their take on HCCRA. From the lobby of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said he is not interested in another vote, but a resolution.
“I’m very optimistic about the language passing in a stand-alone bill. I have no question about it going through the House,” he told American Family News. “The question is whether or not the Republican leadership puts it onto a measure that has to pass both houses and be signed by the president – that’s in doubt.”

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