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ICC Note: Chinese Domestic Security Protection Agents confined the vice president of the Chinese House Church Alliance to a hotel room and ordered him to quickly leave the area after he attempted to visit a fellow pastor recently beaten and hospitalized by authorities. Communist authorities in China often have great leeway when it comes to raiding house churches and placing pastors under house arrest. 
03/06/2013 China (ChinaAid) – A house church pastor who traveled to northeast China to visit another house church pastor injured in a beating last month by government officials was held in his hotel room on Wednesday and barred from visiting the wounded clergy.
Pastor Zhan Gang, vice president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, traveled from coastal Shandong province to Yichun to visit Pastor Sun Wenxian, who had been badly beaten by local officials and was hospitalized. But he was prevented from leaving the guesthouse where he was staying by more than 10 Domestic Security Protection agents and religious affairs officials, who conducted a videotaped interrogation.
They also threatened him and ordered him not to hold any kind of evangelistic meeting, not to have any contact with any house church believer in the city of Yichun, and to leave before noon the next day. At the time that ChinaAid issued the Chinese-language report, guards were still posted outside Pastor Zhan’s room to keep him from leaving.

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