Christian Persecution Rises as Islamic Extremism Spreads Across Africa

ICC Note:

Christian persecution is on the rise across Africa. As Islamic extremism moves sought from northern Africa, countries once thought to be pluralistic are now become  more dangerous for Christian to live. Are Christians if Africa safe?    

2/23/2013 Africa (CBN) – Christians are facing a new wave of persecution as Islamic extremism spreads across the African continent.

From Mali and Nigeria in West Africa, to Tanzania and Kenya in the East, Christians are enduring continuous attacks.

Muslim militants are murdering Christians leaders and destroying churches in an attempt to eradicate the Gospel.

When NATO countries helped liberate the Libyan people from the clutches of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, they thought they were helping to bring democracy and freedom to that north African country.

Now 16 months later, several Christian missionaries are sitting in prison in Benghazi simply for sharing their faith with those seeking to learn more about Christ.

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