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Two Christian boys kidnapped in Karachi
ICC Note: Two Christian boys were kidnapped by unidentified men in Karachi, Pakistan on Jan. 27, the Pakistan Christian Post reports. The reasons for the kidnapping remain unknown, but some suspect that the boys were taken because of their religious minority status. Abductions of Christian children occur often in Pakistan, though victims are predominantly girls who are often abused and, at times, forcibly married to older Muslim men and forced to convert to Islam.
2/18/2013 Pakistan (PCP) -Sarfaraz George and Haroon Masih were abducted by unidentified men on Sunday on 27th January 2013.
The abductors, who were armed, intercepted Sarfaraz and Haroon when they were standing at the Abbasi Chowk bus stop. Sarfaraz George went out with Haroon when four unidentified people kidnapped them, “his father George Khushi told Reuters. He said the family has been receiving threats from unidentified men through phone calls.

Eye witnesses told “Pakistan Christian post “that that kidnappers took only a few minutes to commit the crime. They overpowered them at gunpoint and forcibly put them in their Hi-Roof Van and sped away. They appeared to be very professionals and well informed about Sarfaraz and Haroon.

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