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ICC Note:
Christians in Uzbekistan continue to face raids, confiscation of their personal religious materials, outrageous fines, and possible imprisonment.
2/07/2013 Uzbekistan (CIC) -During the month of January, the home of a Christian woman in northwest Uzbekistan (Urgench) was raided on two separate occasions by police. As a result, Sharofat Allamova is now facing criminal prosecution for “illegally” storing religious literature. During the first raid, which took place on January 4th, officers confiscated a total of three Christian books, two DVDs (a Christian film and a sermon), and a video titled, “Life in the Church.” The second raid took place just 12 days later, but no religious materials were found in the home at that time.
Due to previous convictions of a similar nature, Sharofat could face a fine of up to 200 times the minimum monthly wage or a prison term of up to three years. In 2007, she was given a six-month suspended jail term after Christian books and films were found in her bag while aboard a bus. In May of 2012, she was fined ten times the minimum monthly wage for possessing religious literature.

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