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Beijing Shouwang Church Announcement on Outdoor Worship Service on January 27, 2013
ICC Note: The following small excerpt is from a weekly report by the Shouwang Church. Located in China’s capital, Beijing, the church was forced out of its building by local authorities more than a year ago. The congregation however has refused to cave under pressure and continues to try to meet every Sunday for an outdoor service, and every Sunday members of the church are taken away for questioning by police. All of the churches pastors have been placed under house arrest.      
01/27/2013 Beijing (CA) -Dear brothers and sisters:
Peace in the Lord! On this past Sunday, we held the fourth outdoor worship service of 2013. It was a foggy day. As far as we know, including the sister who was taken to be detained at a hotel on Friday and a sister from Xinshu Church, at least twenty-one believers were taken away from locations near the platform or from home. Some of them were released soon after they were taken away, and the rest of them were detained at two police stations, including Zhongguancun Street police station. Most of them got released around 11:00 am, and the last believer was released from Zhongguancun Street police station around 10:00 pm on Sunday.

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