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ICC Note:
A pastor living in Garissa, Kenya has asked that Christians around the world pray for peace for Christians living in Garissa. In recent months, the town of Garissa has become a site of persecution against Christians. More and more al-Shabaab militants have entered the town as they travel south from Somalia. In July, a group of al-Shabaab militants attacked the African Inland Church in Garissa. The militants threw grenades into the church and shot the church members as they tried to escape. Remember to pray for these persecuted Christians today.       
1/23/2013 Kenya (ChristianToday) – A Kenyan priest has appealed to Christians around the world to pray for the people of Garissa, a violence-stricken city in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. The Reverend Canon Francis Omondi’s plea comes after at least five people were killed and four others wounded by Somali Islamist group al-Shabab who opened fire on guests at one of the city’s local hotels, The Dunes on 16 January.
Al-Shabab—a clan-based insurgent and terrorist group—has continued its violent insurgency in the area with Christians and security personnel being the main targets of the attacks. Canon Omondi said, “The targeting of Christians and security personnel is a very worrying trend. Christians should pray for courage in the midst of these pressures.” He has been championing health and education issues in the region for more than 25 years. He has also been helping grow the church of God within the region. However, he has been taken aback by the recent attacks on Christians.
“The Muslim fundamentalists have no respect for denomination,” he said. “They aim to rid Christians from here [along with] the security forces. As a result of this Christians who have not fled live in great fear”. Canon Omondi reminded Christians around the world about their responsibility during such times of strife and violence.

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