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Christian teacher has throat cut in Mosul, plunging city in fear again
ICC Note: Shdha Elias, a Christian teacher from Mosul, Iraq, was murdered last week, igniting fear among Christians in the region of a renewed campaign of anti-Christian violence. On January 8, the day after Shdha’s body was discovered, a Christian university student was killed by a car bomb in the same city. Caught between a Sunni-Shia sectarian war, there have been hundreds of Christians killed in Mosul following the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
01/07/2013 Iraq (AN) –
Police in Mosul found the body of a Christian woman with her throat cut. The gruesome discovery was made today in an area where attacks have been perpetrated in the past against members of the city’s Christian minority, some, like abducted Bishop Faraj Rahho and Fr Ragheed Ganni, murdered.
Sources told AsiaNews that the victim is Shdha Elias, a 54-year-old Chaldean, who worked as a teacher “in a school in the al Bath neighbourhood.” She “lived however in Bar Nirgal, near the university”. With her death, she joins “the long list of Christian martyrs in Mosul.”
A Christian official in Mosul Governatorate, anonymous for security reasons, acknowledged that “many Christian families” have fled. “They have lost confidence in everything,” he said. “The government is incapable of doing anything to protect them. What future do non-Muslims have in countries where violence reins!”

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