North Korea Remains Worst Persecutor of Christians in World

ICC Note: In North Korea, you, your parents, and your children can be given a life sentence in a prison camp for simply owning a Bible. The North Korean regime remains the most hostile government in earth towards Christianity, and it is estimated that up to 200,000 Christians live in complete secrecy within North Korea. 

01/10/13 North Korea (CBS) – The annual “Open Doors World Watch List” survey of Christian religious liberty finds that 2012 was a very hostile year of persecution for more than 100 million Christians worldwide.

According to the worldwide report from the non-denominational Christian support group, about 100 million Christians are persecuted around the world, with conditions deteriorating for them most rapidly in Syria and Ethiopia. North Korea topped the survey as the “most nightmarish state” to practice Christianity.

The 2013 report also highlighted the most significant persecution trend of this past year as the rise of Islamism in each country that felt the effects of the Arab Spring.

“There are over 65 countries where Christians are persecuted,” said the report released on Tuesday by Open Doors.

The report stated that not all the trends they studied were negative. In the Far East, with the exception of North Korea, the communist states have all “marginally improved” their treatment of Christians. Laos, Vietnam and China have all moved down the list.

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