Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Over the summer, we brought you the story of Semsa Aydin, whose husband, Necati, was brutally martyred in Turkey. She and her children have been living in the States, and were in desperate need of financial help to keep a roof over their heads while they sought asylum. Their lives were at risk if they returned to Turkey. ICC provided for their needs during this process and we are so grateful that they have indeed been granted asylum! Now, Semsa and her two children will be able to serve the Lord through the sharing of their own faith and that of their dear, departed Necati. Semsa says, “Dear friends we are thankful for your support! Your support [is] so important for us because you helped us to live in [the] U.S. for our security, to survive, and allowed us to serve our God as missionary. Serving God is the only thread [that] connects us to life and gives us hope and joy. Now we are here to stay and we are grateful to the Lord that He provided through you. 
“We ask you to support us, and [to] continue to walk with us by grace. We could not have come this far without you. Your support has come back to the Lord in praise. We are grateful to the Lord for you. May God bless you abundantly! We wish you to have wonderful and blessed New Year.”