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A Christian pastor from Boise, Idaho has been imprisoned in Iran since September. Originally traveling to Iran to help start an orphanage, the pastor was arrested for his work with the underground church. Families and friends of the pastor have asked everyone to do anything possible to help the imprisoned pastor, including prayer.           
12/20/2012 Iran (KIVTVA) – A pastor from Boise is being held in Iran without charge. He has been imprisoned, since September in the notoriously brutal Evin Prison.
Members of the Calvary Chapel Church in Boise confirmed that Reverend Saeed Abedini attends services at their church.
We talked exclusively with the Senior Pastor Bob Caldwell. He told us the reverend was born in Iran, but is now a U.S. citizen and has lived in Boise with his family for many years now.
FOX News reports Abedini is being held captive for his work as a Christian missionary in Iran. He traveled to the Middle East this summer to continue humanitarian efforts and help build an orphanage.
On Wednesday, his wife appeared on FOX news, talking about the last time she spoke to her husband. “He’s gone through some harsh treatments there. He had me put the phone to my daughter’s ears. He told her daddy loves you,” said Naghmeh Abedini.
Meanwhile, leaders of the Calvery Chapel Church are asking everyone in our community to pray for Abedini and his family.
“I think it’s best for us to pray,” said Caldwell, “We really hope he can be freed, because we don’t see that he’s committed any crime against this country, accept that he believes.”
According to FOX News, Abedini is the leader of a house church movement in Iran, a community of underground places of worship for former Muslims, who convert to Christianity and are not allowed to formally pray in recognized churches.

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