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Good News for Iranian Convert in Sweden
ICC Note:
The decision to deport Reza Jebbari, an Iranian Christian convert, back to Iran was overturned Wednesday by the Swedish government, CBN reports. Reza will be allowed to stay in Sweden for now and will reportedly be given a new hearing. If Reza had been deported, it is likely that he would be imprisoned or worse by the Iranian government. Last month, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, said that more than 300 Christians have been imprisoned in Iran since mid-2010. Most of those Christians were imprisoned for being apostates (Christian converts from Islam).
By Gary Lane
11/14/2012 Sweden (CBN News)- We’ve just received word that the Swedish government has decided that Iranian Reza Jebbari will be allowed–at least for now–to remain in Sweden. The Muslim convert to Christianity will not be deported and returned to Iran.
Our source sent this word to us this morning:
Migration Services have stopped all actions to get Mr. Reza expelled from Sweden!!!
This is so wonderful and we’re so grateful to the Lord and your work!
This means the following: He will get a new hearing. According to his lawyer, in Mr. Reza’s case, that hearing will be more of a formality to be able to grant him permission to stay. That, since the evidence now is so strong in his favor!
So, I think – what you can say tonight is that the Migration Services has stopped his expulsion for now and that they will give him a new trial. Also that we are cautiously optimistically that Mr. Reza will be able to stay in Sweden and that we are tremendously thankful for all the support and to the Lord Jesus Christ, who’s heard our prayers!
Also, Mr. Reza asked me to convey his thanks’ and gratitude’s to you and the people at CBN!

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