Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Pastor Divya hid under a cot, hoping that the rioters wouldn’t notice his presence. Unfortunately, the rioters did find him. In 2008 they dragged him into his church where they proceeded to beat him to death and throw his body down a well. He left behind an elderly father, a wife and children. Many people came to this family saying they would help.

“I thank the mission for this meaningful help. This help will really help us provide for our needs.” He went on, with tears streaming down his face, “I apologies for my unfair attitude in the beginning, I was not allowing you to take photos and not giving my details because so many people took details from me and did not provide any help. But now I see that you did want to help me!” 
As he shared about his new shop, his excitement was evident. “The villagers are happy because they used to go to long distance to buy anything and now they will get everything here. This shop is not only helping us but also helping the village people. I thank God for providing me with a business for sustaining of our life here after. We will be praying every day for the good work ICC doing and for all the persons behind it.”