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Chinese Christian Shi Weihan Tortured for Helping Other Believers
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A Chinese Christian was “tortured” by police “as they demanded to know how many books he gave out, the identities of pastors and where he preached the Gospel.” The Baptist Press shares the incredible testimony of Shi Weihan who was imprisoned and tortured for sharing the Gospel and helping other Christians in China.
By Baptist Press
10/25/2012 China (Baptist Press)- Shi Weihan dangled from a wall inside a Chinese prison, handcuffed to a hook. His interrogators doused him with frigid water and tormented him with electric shocks.
They pried for information: How many Christian books did he give out? What are the names and phone numbers of the pastors he gave them to?
“During that time, the outside world did not know what was happening to me.”
Weihan would not remain anonymous for long. His imprisonment under the Chinese government’s religious crackdown — reported extensively by Baptist Press — would carry him into national publications and be chronicled in detail by the religious freedom monitor ChinaAid.
But Weihan’s journey into the ranks of the persecuted faithful began decades ago with no faith at all.
“Growing up in a communist country, I didn’t believe in God in that time,” Weihan said over the course of several interviews with Baptist Press in October. “I thought it was like a story, not true.”
In 1990, a Chinese man named Joshua — the matchmaker who brought Weihan and his wife Zhang Jing together — gave a Bible to each of them.
“He told me, ‘This book is very good. You take it home to look at it,” Weihan recounted. “Because he was a new believer, he didn’t know how to preach Gospel, but he told me, ‘It’s good. You need a Bible. You need the Gospel.'”
Five years later, at a Christmas party hosted by Joshua, Weihan and his wife placed their faith in Jesus and were baptized the following year.
Over the next decade, Weihan founded a house church called Antioch Victory Church and started the Holy Spirit Trading Co., a Christian publishing house. His company worked to translate Christian books into Chinese and also sold Christian literature with government permission.
But the lack of Christian books and Bibles among many Christians spurred Weihan to give them away to believers across China — without government authorization.
“In America, you can go to a bookstore and find many Christian books, and you can buy a Bible from Walmart,” he said. “But in China, you can’t find a Bible in a typical bookstore or market. It’s not legal.”
Giving away the books was risky; a Chinese Christian was sentenced to two years in prison for merely receiving three unauthorized Christian books.
“But our people need the teaching from God,” Weihan said. “They need God’s Word.”
In the early morning hours of Nov. 28, 2007, about 30 police officers swarmed Weihan’s home and hauled him away, also raiding the Holy Spirit Trading Co.
The police tortured Weihan as they demanded to know how many books he gave out, the identities of pastors and where he preached the Gospel.
“In that time, I prayed to God, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m trying to preach the Gospel. I don’t want to do something wrong to my government,'” Weihan recalled.
Police also arrested his wife in front of their daughters, Grace and Lilly. Zhang was released after questioning, but police also took Weihan’s younger brother and his wife into custody. Weihan said the police tortured his brother so severely that they caused kidney damage.

On June 10, 2009, Weihan was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $22,000 for illegal business practices. He said his attorney was under house arrest and could not attend the court session.
The sentence included time served since his first arrest, meaning he would have to spend the next year and a half in prison.
“I was not surprised that I was arrested and put in jail, because in Bible times, Jesus was tortured,” Weihan said through his daughter Lilly’s translation.

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