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ICC Note:
As persecution of Christians continues to rise around the world, Europe is starting to increase its restrictions on religious freedom. A new report shows that Hungery is the most religiously restrivtive country in the EU, with others beginning to follow its lead. What does this mean for Christianity worldwide? 
10/21/2012 Europe (BosNewsLife)– At least 200 million Christians suffer discrimination and persecution worldwide, including even in European Union countries such as Hungary, which now has Europe’s “most restrictive” church registration law, according to a new report obtained by BosNewsLife Thursday, October 18.
The ‘Religious Freedom in the World Report 2012’, released by the ‘Aid to the Church in Need’ (ACN) relief and advocacy group, also noted “growing concern” about perceived anti-religious developments in Western EU states Britain, Spain and the Netherlands.
“Increasingly there are attempts in these countries to impose an extreme form of secularism that excludes the role of religion in public life,” said Peter Sefton-Williams,  chairman of the report’s editorial board.
“While these developments can’t be called religious persecution [yet],they are part of a worrisome tendency,” he added.
Within the former Communist nations of the EU,  the report singled out as Hungary as having the “most restrictive” church legislation “at a European level, as far as registration procedures are concerned.”

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