In Malaysia, Christians are the Scapegoat

The Christian smokescreen

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“When governments want to bury bad news, they will exploit a tragedy, or they will create a distraction for the public, to minimize the bad publicity they would otherwise have received. In Malaysia, the Christians are the smokescreen,” Free Malaysia Today reports. False accusations alleging that Christians want to turn Malaysia into a Christian state are the latest anti-Christian rumors stirring religious tensions in the country.

By Mariam Mokhtar

10/12/2012 Malaysia (FMT News)- Many people are aware that in Ancient Rome, Christians were thrown to the lions, in the Colosseum as entertainment for the Romans and the emperor. Today, when governments want to bury bad news, they will exploit a tragedy, or they will create a distraction for the public, to minimise the bad publicity they would otherwise have received. In Malaysia, the Christians are the smokescreen.

What will Umno do next time one of their leaders is accused of corruption? How would Umno deal with opposition exposure of foreigners being given votes in exchange for the right to work and be registered as Malaysians? Who would Umno exploit if they have to return a verdict of death by misadventure, the next time an individual tries to exit from the window of a multi-storey building? Where else in the world is religion used to promote the interests of one party and one race? When will the Christians be of most use to Umno? Why would Umno want to embrace the Christians?

The answer is simple: Umno uses the Christians to quell dissatisfaction in the masses, principally the Malays. The non-Malays are also forced to go on the defensive and adopt a deferential role. Umno dislikes the building of bridges between different communities.

Last year, there was plenty of bad news about the Malaysian economy, corruption, the empty promises of reforms by the government and the Election Commision (EC), Lynas rare-earth plant and the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal.

Most infamous was the handling of the accusations of police brutality during the Bersih 2.0 march for democracy by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

These reports were in the run-up to the announcements by rogue politicians that Malays are being proselytized, or that solar-powered talking bibles are being used to convert the Malays.

In recent weeks, former minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil blamed two online newspapers for misrepresenting the Auditor-General’s report on the NFC. She also claimed that as a working woman she was not aware of what her husband and children were up to, although they lived in the same house.

We also learnt that the Ministry of Finance had awarded a RM164.8 million tender to an allegedly unsuitable supplier of padi seeds. Who would be blamed for the failure to germinate? The weather or the farmer?

Malacca’s Chief Minister Ali Rustam entered the book of Malaysian records for his “cheap” RM600,000 wedding of his son, when 130,000 members of the public were invited to the feast, “sponsored” by companies and agents of the state. Would members of the public be permitted preferential use of facilities, like tents and air-conditioning units?

Around 1,000 students and activists from independent Islamic schools (SAR) held a protest outside Parliament and questioned Umno about the lack of funding for their schools in the 2013 Budget.

After months of being praised for being the perfect ambassadors for Malaysia and “the eyes and ears of the government in eradicating corruption”, KL taxi drivers saw through this charade and took to the streets to protest about working conditions. Unfortunately after being fleeced by the taxi-drivers, the public were not sympathetic to their cause.

Incidentally, the Auditor-General’s 2011 report has been delayed. Why?

In recent weeks, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad accused George Soros, Umno’s public enemy No.1, of financing various NGOs to force a regime change in the country.

So what did the public make of the revelation yesterday, that Najib had entertained billionaire financier Soros in New York, in 2010? One PM says Soros is evil, another PM courts him.

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