Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other countries in Central Asia must be secretive when inquiring to learn about Jesus. They may hear the Gospel on a Christian radio program months before they build up the courage to call in to speak with a representative about Christianity. Those who answer the calls know that God has been working in the Muslim’s heart for a while. In places like Afghanistan, even a simple inquiry about Christianity, if caught, may put a Muslim in danger. Yet, despite the dangers, Muslims are coming to Christ throughout Central Asia.
In a country considered among the most dangerous in the world for Christian converts from Islam, an ICC-supported ministry is receiving about 100 calls a month from Muslims who want to learn more about Jesus. Today, the people of this country have access to the Gospel like never before, the ministry partner said. To address the needs of those growing in their Christian faith, Bible verses are being sent in text message format to people’s cell phones. While it is illegal for these Muslims or recent converts to Christianity to own a Bible—many also fear being killed or disowned by their families if caught with the Scriptures—an SMS (text) is a convenient way for them to learn and memorize God’s Word.
“The verses you send me have completely changed my life,” one man said. Many Muslims say they share the verses with friends.
Although the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Central Asian countries appears hopeless at times, we must remember that the Spirit is moving among new believers and that God is building His church. Please continue to pray for the discipleship of these new believers and for ICC-supported workers who are boldly sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Central Asia.