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ICC Note: Although the majority of persecution in China falls on the countries millions of Christians who attend unregistered house churches, those who attend officially sanctioned churches are not completely safe. The “Three Self Patriotic Movement” churches, as official protestant churches in China are called, are overseen by the Communist Party and subject to it’s regulations. The following article details how the government and a real-estate contractors have colluded to demolish a church building despite the protests of the congregation.  
09/27/2012 China (ChinaAid) – Since 2010, because of collusion between the real estate developer and the municipal government, Chengjiao Street Christian Church in Yushu City, Jilin Province, failed to reach an agreement on the demolition and removal of its church. In addition to this, a series of severe difficulties were created for the church and two women believers who were injured in a beating.
In November 2010, the developer, Chen Yunlian’s Jilin Xincheng Real Estate Comprehensive Development Company, Ltd., consulted with Chengjiao Street Christian Church of Yushu about demolishing the church. But the developer also promised satisfaction to the church by building a church at its original location (C District), which had sufficient area.
In May 2012, the developer suddenly changed her mind and proposed that the church give up the C District site to which they had agreed. Moreover, the developer colluded with various agencies of the municipal government and Bureau of Religion, pressuring the church to give up the C District. The church refused such ridiculous demands that were not in its interests.

On July 20, the brothers and sisters couldn’t endure the situation anymore and began to reason with the developer’s party. In the process, the two sisters, Luo Zhanyun and Tao Yanbo, were injured in a beating and had to be hospitalized.

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