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ICC Note:
The escalation of violence against Christians has been reported differently to different groups. While Western media has just started to marginally report the attacks against Christians, most notable the suicide bombing at St. John’s Catholic Church, the media in Nigeria has claimed such attacks have been happening every Sunday since the beginning of August. If this is true then why is the Western media not reporting it? Are they just not aware or do they just not find the deaths of Christian in Nigeria news worthy?
09/27/2012 Nigeria (CouncilonForeignRelations) – On Sunday, September 24, immediately after an early mass, a suicide bomber attacked St. John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bauchi. Five were reported killed with another forty-six injured. Doctors warn that many of the wounded are in bad condition, and may die. No part of Boko Haram, a radical Islamic movement that targets the Nigerian political economy, has claimed responsibility. It is likely, however, that most Nigerians will impute to it the responsibility. The BBC, among other media, has stated that church bombings have waned while Boko Haram shifted its focus to communications towers. The Nigerian press, on the other hand, has reported attacks nearly every Sunday since at least the beginning of August.
The northern chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the umbrella group that includes almost all of the Christian churches, appears to be working to dampen down Christian revenge against Muslims. Its spokesmen characterize the bombings as “a test of faith.” One CAN spokesman said, “Christians should look up to God, because vengeance is of God. We are not comfortable with the killing of Christians, but we leave everything to God. He has not failed us, and will not fail us.”
According to the Society of African Missions, Catholics in Bauchi number only seventy thousand, or 2 percent of the population. As the cathedral and the seat of the bishop, St. John’s is the most prominent Catholic church in the state and, as such, a target.

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