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Pastor beaten up and arrested for praying, Madhya Pradesh
ICC Note:
This brief report, released as the incident was still unfolding, details an attack by a large mob on a Christian pastor who was apparently visiting a family that had requested prayer. According to the report he was then taken to a police station and arrested under false charges. It is not uncommon for Christians in some parts of India to not only be attacked and beaten by angry mobs, but then to be arrested under trumped up charges while the instigators of the attack go unpunished.
09/24/2012 India (Christian Persecution Update)- 50 RSS gangsters mercilessly thrashed a Christian pastor today in Bagh village, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh. Pastor Sigdar Jamre 27 years old was visiting Bagh viilage, 15 kms from Kuksi village, his home. He was visiting a family who had requested for his prayers when a mob of 50 RSS thugs barged into the house and started beaten up the pastor. They dragged him out of the house and beat him, dragging him to the police station where he was arrested under false accusations. He continues to be in the police station even now.

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