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ICC Note:
Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram has called for attacks in Nigeria over the anti-Islam film that has caused widespread protests in the Islamic world. For the most part, Nigeria has been relatively peaceful in its reaction to the film. Will this call from Nigeria’s largest Islamic Extremist group spark an increase in violence? How will this effect Christians in Nigeria who have already suffered harsh persecution at the hands of Boko Haram? 
9/20/2012 Nigeria (Bikyamasr) – A spokesman for the militant Boko Haram group in Nigeria has told news sources the group is calling for an increase in attacks against American interests over the anti-Islam film that sparked widespread protests across the Islamic world.
“We will be firm in our belief that nobody can attack our faith and we hold the US responsible for the film,” a spokesman said via telephone on Wednesday.

“Muslims should rise up and fight against these attacks against our great faith and the Prophet. We are going to call on our followers to attack American interests wherever they are found, including citizens,” the spokesman continued.
“Islam is a faith of strength and if we remain weak and allow these attacks to take place, the west will continue to insult us and call us names,” he added.

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