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BBC Thinks Christians Are ‘Lunatics’ Says Presenter
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According to a former BBC broadcaster, many in BBC consider Christians to be lunatics. We have observed, with concern, the growing anti-Christian sentiment by government establishments and the media in UK.
09/14/2012 UK (The Christian Institute)-The BBC has a mindset that assumes Christians are “lunatics”, one of its own broadcasters has said.
Roger Bolton, former Sunday programme host, said a “liberal secular elite” are dominating television.
He said: “Just because somebody is against gay marriage or against IVF doesn’t necessarily mean they are a lunatic.”
Mr Bolton also thinks the BBC unfairly pokes fun at Christianity but would not dare with Islam.
He said: “Other faiths do not have to put up with what Christianity has to put up with.
“Muslims in particular ought to be mature enough in this country to take that humour.
God Slot
“Christians do have a right to say it’s about time that the satire which applied to them ought to be applied to others.”
Roger Bolton was speaking at the BBC’s Re:Think festival in Salford for an event called “Rethinking the God Slot.”
A BBC spokesman said Mr Bolton’s view is “incorrect.”
The spokesman said: “BBC religion and ethics provide over 170 hours of programmes.

Mr Bolton has said in the past that BBC television executives are “secular and sceptical.”
He said they see religious coverage as “a rather tiresome obligation to be minimised rather than a rich and promising area to explore.”

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