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ICC Note: Despite changes in Burma’s formerly military government, fighting between the Buddhist military and predominantly Christian ethnic groups in the North continues. This has led to thousands of refugees fleeing into China. Their conditions are dire and the Chinese government is beginning to forcibly repatriate them back to Burma, where they may face violence and persecution. 
09/02/2012 China (ChinaAid) – On August 26, 2012, a 15-member international Christian medical team arrived at Laiza, the seat of the Kachin Independent government and began to provide free humanitarian medical aid to the refugees.

It is now the rainy season in Northern Burma and the endless rains have threatened the transportation lines around Laiza. Therefore the brothers and sisters in this medical team could not get to the place the Kachin government had arranged for them. On the first night the team spent the night in a room cramped with their own luggage. The room is usually used by local Christian believers for gatherings.

The medical team worked two days in the refugee camp and they found the situation to be alarming. Currently, tuberculosis and other dangerous infectious diseases pose the greatest threats to the refugees. The medical team rapidly notified the Kachin government agencies of the gravity of the situation.

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