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SU Chief Wants Christians To Remain Steadfast
ICC Note
A Nigerian christian leader called for Christians to remain strong in their faith despite the persecution they face. Muslim radicals are fighting to eliminate Christians from northern Nigeria. We also call upon Nigerian Christians to continue to be strong in their faith. We also believe that Nigerian government must protect the country’s persecuted Christians from on-going jihad attacks.
08/29/2012 Nigeria (The Guardian)-THE National Chairman, Scripture Union (SU) Nigeria, Ekpo Etim Ekpo, has advised Christians in the country to remain steadfast in their faith in Jesus Christ despite the bomb attacks on churches in the North.
The SU is an inter-denominational fellowship.

He stressed that the activities of insurgents were geared towards the extermination of churches in Nigeria.

“We are all witnesses of the desperate attacks to exterminate the church in the country especially in the northern Nigeria. We use this occasion to affirm the faith of Scripture Union Nigeria in the Almighty God and in his son Jesus Christ to sustain Christians wherever they are. Scripture Union Nigeria identifies with all Christians and churches that are bombed and persecuted,” he said.
James Ikape, the Abuja regional chairman of the union, lamented the demand of the aggrieved sect, urging Federal Government to convert 19 northern states into Islam states, adding that the request breached the freedom of worship as enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria.
His words: “The enemies of the Gospel have called for the Islamination of the 19 northern states that constitute the geographical space of our region and the abridgement of our constitutional rights of freedom of worship as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution”, he stated.
Ikape stressed that despite the effort of the group to frustrate Christians in the country, God grace still abounds to the church.
He said: “These threats are not new to the Church of Christ. The church indeed was born in crisis and in spite of oppositions from the pit of hell. Thank God, for where sin (wickedness) abounds, grace much more abounds,” he added.

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