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Christian Believer murdered in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
ICC Note:
A group of believers who gathered for prayer did not realize they would be attacked with wooden rods and have their property damaged. Not long after they began praying a mob of Hindu activists interrupted their meeting and damaged their vehicles before moving on to destroy property in the town. The mob “brutally attacked” a Christian believer who died on the way to the hospital. The police, thankfully, have responded in this instance and are providing protection and attempting to calm the situation.
08/28/2012 India (Christian Persecution Update)- Mr. Gnanamuthu, about 50 years, a resident of Sasthancode in Kanyakumari District. He is a congregation member in Church of South India at Nadaikavu in Kanyakumari District. Mr. Gnanamuth, had arranged a prayer meeting in his house on 26th August at 7p.m. In order to attend this prayer meeting, local pastor along with 15 members of the C.S.I. Church had gathered at Mr. Gnanamuthu’s residence at about 6.45p.m. They had parked their vehicles in front of Mr. Gnanamuthu’s residence. Prayer meeting was started at about 7 p.m. After prayer had started, a mob of R.S.S. activists rampaged and smashed car glasses. Immediately, both Mr. Gnanamuthu and his son Mr. Johnson came out of their houses and tried to block the activists but one of the activists broke Mr. Gnanamuthu’s head with wooden stick and they beaten both of them seriously. Later, both Mr. Gnanamuthu and his son Mr. Johnson were admitted into local hospital and the matter was reported to Nithiravilai Police Station.
In the meantime, at Nadaikavu about fifteen R.S.S. activits rampaged through the town and tried to break shop windows of a shop owned by Mr. Jeyaraj. Mr. Edwin Raj (29 yrs.) son of Mr Jeyaraj came out of his shop and tried to stop the rampage, but the mob brutally attacked Mr. Edwin Raj and he died on the way to Thiruvananthapuram Government medical college.

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