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Nigeria Becoming Most Dangerous Place On Earth – Tinubu
ICC Note
We agree with the assesment that Nigerian is fast becoming most dangerous place on earth. The Nigerian government has failed to stop the killings of Christians by the radical Muslims. We believe that Nigeria has the resource to stop the violence by groups such as Boko Haram. What Nigeria lacks is the political will. We urge Nigeria to take measures to stop the insurgency by radical Muslims.
By Chibuzo Ukaibe
08/27/2012 Nigeria (Leadership)-As the federal government grapples with the spate of insecurity in the country, Former governor of Lagos State and Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has declared that Nigeria is fast becoming one of the most dangerous places on earth.
Tinubu who spoke on the state of insecurity in the country at the Dusable Museum of African America History, in Chicago, United States, said “the result has been that Nigeria is becoming one of the most dangerous places on earth. Not only do we have Boko Haram, there is growing insecurity and blatant unchecked criminality in other parts of the nation.”
He also alleged that people in government were benefiting from the elongated activities of Boko Haram, adding that until they are dealt with the menace of the sect would not go away.
While he noted that the opposition was ready to work with the government over the security challenges, he, however, stated that the federal government had monopolised internal security because it intended to amass power and not lose any.
“This centralised structure would be fine if it were not ignorant, reactive and inefficient. The roots of these security challenges have mostly local origins. A centralised structure, however, tends to deploy security officials and units with sufficient knowledge and understanding of local issues. Instead of helping, the security personnel often worsen the situation owing to ignorance.
“The central government has tried to monopolise control of internal security. Because it wants to accrete power and not lose any, the national government has adamantly opposed any decentralisation of internal security.
“Community policing has proved effective in many different social conditions around the world. It is an idea whose time has come for Nigeria.
He stressed that at a time Nigerians expect “great transformation in their lives they now have to deal with political Boko Haram, economic Boko Haram and religious Boko Haram.”

He further warned that the proposed amendment of the constitution being spearheaded by the PDP was an attempt to undermine the states.
He decried that the amendment would make local governments dependent on Abuja, stressing that the federal government increased its powers at the expense of states which perverted the sequence of power and division of labour natural to a federal system.
“The ruling PDP entertains a proposed constitutional amendment severing the fiscal relationship between state and local government. The amendment would transfer the passage of funds to local governments from the states to the national government in Abuja,” Tinubu said.
He also criticized the bloated central government which he said no longer worked to serve the people but forced the people to serve it, thereby plunging the nation into authoritarianism.

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