Christian Women in Uzbekistan Beaten for their Faith

Christian family converted to Islam, beaten, tried in Tashkent

ICC Note:

A mother and daughter in Uzbekistan were beaten in their home when six men stormed in and searched for Christian literature. The women called the police for help, but instead of helping them the police arrested them. Once at the station police tried to forcibly convert them, beat them when they refused to convert and forced them to sign false papers.  Where is the justice, due process and police protection?

08/24/2012 Uzbekistan ( Orthodox Christian Natalya Pleshakova who is disabled from childhood and her mother have been severely beaten up and tried in Tashkent.

Pleshakova, 26, a disabled from childhood, will forever remember her day on 6 August.

At about 4 o’clock in the morning the gate of their house on Ok Yul Street in Tashkent was broken and six strong men with sticks and clubs stormed into their yard.

Natalya who is on the crutches walked towards them hardly managing to cover herself. When she asked “Who are you?” she received a first blow and she was dragged to the kitchen.

What did police look for?

All this happened under the very eyes of a beat officer who filmed everything on his mobile phone, trying to catch Natalya or her mother Valentina Semenovna avoid hits or answer curses and insults.

Natalya, in handcuffs, manages to sneak into her room to make calls to police and an orthodox church. When they saw her do that they seized her phone and beat her up again.

All this had lasted for four hours when a Damas minibus arrived with several officers with assault rifles in camouflage uniforms and balaclavas. Their leader said he was “Aziz from police”. The women decided they were saved but not yet.

Charges of missionary activities

The events unfolded in office 303 at Tashkent’s Mirabad district police department where Natalya and her mother were taken.

There Natalya was offered to convert to Islam for its allegedly being better than Christianity, since it allows a man to have four wives. The young woman refused.

She then was threatened and beaten. Frightened and exhausted, Natalya was then forced to write a tender saying that she had stored 125 religious books and items, and “Aziz from police” dictated her titles which she heard for the first time.

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