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Christians Turn Their Back On Cameron
ICC Note
Christians in the UK are outraged that the government has ignored their views on same-sex marriage. The Christians are also concerned about the implications of same-sex marriage on religious freeedom. We urge UK to take into account the implications of same-sex marriage on religious freedom and refrain from redefining marriage.
08/21/2012 UK (Scotsman)-NEARLY three-fifths of churchgoers are less likely to vote for David Cameron at the next general election following his plans to ?legalise gay marriage, according to a survey released yesterday.
About two-thirds believe the Prime Minister has shown himself to be “intolerant” in his reaction to opposition to his plans, the poll found.
The research also makes gloomy reading for Cameron’s deputy, Nick Clegg, with 43 per cent of Christians less likely to vote Liberal Democrat and just 2 per cent more likely. Some 65 per cent of churchgoers said their views on Clegg had got worse, because of the proposals.
The poll has implications for the SNP-led Scottish government, which last month agreed to allow same-sex marriages in Scotland despite widespread opposition from churches north of the Border.

The poll of 569 churchgoers was commissioned by campaigners Coalition for Marriage (C4M). Campaign director Colin Hart said: “This is yet another blow for these ill-thought-out and undemocratic ?proposals.
“Churchgoers simply don’t believe the assurances from the government that these changes will not be forced on churches and the high levels of concern reflect those in the wider population.
“This change is being pushed for by a tiny number of people. Only a minority of gay people believe that these plans are a priority. It also reveals high levels of scepticism among churchgoers about Mr Cameron’s motives.”

He gave his support to same-sex marriage at last year’s Conservative conference when he said: “I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative, I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative.”

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