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ICC Note: While comparing the persecution of Christians in places like Egypt, Pakistan, and North Korea to the United States it may seem almost trivial to note the amount of anti-Christian acts that have taken place in the U.S. over the past ten years. However ICC believes it is important to track cultural trends and incidents of anti-Christian bias even in the United States. These trends have the potential to lead to increasingly overt acts against Christians practicing their faith and should not be taken lightly. Some of the  examples listed in this report are shocking. 
08/22/2012 United States (Christian Post) – A new 140-page report released by the Family Research Council and Liberty Institute reveals a pattern of hostility toward Christians and Christianity in the U.S. The report was released earlier this week and includes over 600 incidents over a 10-year period.
The attacks range from rulings from the judiciary branch to an elementary school student who was physically lifted from his seat and reprimanded for praying before eating his lunch. Yet another example shows a Christian couple was fired as apartment complex managers and forced to move because a painting with a Christian reference was displayed in their office.
Other examples cited in the report include:
• A federal judge threatened “incarceration” to a high school valedictorian unless she removed references to Jesus from her graduation speech.
• City officials prohibited senior citizens from praying over their meals, listening to religious messages or singing gospel songs at a senior activities center.
• Following U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ policies, a federal government official sought to censor a pastor’s prayer, eliminating references to Jesus, during a Memorial Day ceremony honoring veterans at a national cemetery.

“America today would be unrecognizable to our Founders. Our First Liberty is facing a relentless onslaught from well-funded and aggressive groups and individuals who are using the courts, Congress, and the vast federal bureaucracy to suppress and limit religious freedom,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of Liberty Institute. “This radicalized minority is driven by an anti-religious ideology that is turning the First Amendment upside down.”

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