Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Despite major democratic reforms in Burma over the past year, Burmese troops are still active in the countries Northern Kachin state. The Kachin are pre-dominantly Christian and in the past have been singled out for brutal treatment specifically for their faith by the Buddhist Burmese military.  
8/20/2012 Burma (KNG) – An estimated group of more than 500 civilians in the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) controlled section of the Hpakant jade mining district, fled their village over the weekend to escape Burma army troops who have moved into the area.
The large exodus in western Kachin state saw hundreds of local residents and migrant miners flee from Maw Mau Bum village to nearby Hpakant town. By Sunday afternoon most of the group had taken shelter in the town’s Baptist and Catholic churches, said a volunteer who assisted in transporting the escapees. The local chapter of the Kachin Baptist Church is said to be hosting about 200 people.
A local villager told the Kachin News Group that the villagers had fled from their homes when they learned that the Burmese army was coming because of the army’s brutal record for targeting civilians in conflict zones.

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