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ICC Note:
An eleven year old girl was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan for “wasting pages of the Quran,” Mohabat News reports.
8/18/2012 Pakistan (Mohabat News) – The Blasphemy law in Pakistan has been so controversial in the recent years that many have appealed for an amendment of this law.
According to an email received by Mohabat News, Pakistani Muslims have accused a mentally ill 11 year old Christian girl of wasting pages of Qur’an. It is reported that the girl is in police custody now. However, the girl’s name was not disclosed and no further information was given regarding her situation.
Mr. Farrukh Harrison, Executive Director World Vision in Progress Foundation, said, “We would like to inform you that In Islamabad, near G-11, a Christian colony called Meherabadi is situated. Around 2000 Christians are living [there]. Today (August 17, 2012), at noon, the Muslims found a burnt Quran over there. The Muslims accused the Christians that they had burnt the Quran and those Muslims announced about this incident in all the mosques. Now almost 5000 Muslims have surrounded that area and the lives of the Christians are in danger. I ask you to please pray for the Christians. May God protect them from any mishap.”

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