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AG pastor dragged, beaten in Sri Lanka
ICC Note:
A Pastor in Sri Lanka was severely injured when a mob of 40 people, accusing him of “spreading Christianity” and paying people to convert, “viciously” beat him.  
08/13/2012 Sri Lanka (AG.Org)-A national Assemblies of God pastor and his wife were viciously attacked by a mob in Sri Lanka after being accused of “spreading Christianity.”
According to reports, the pastor, who is also a regional presbyter, and his wife went to visit a church member. On their way home, they were suddenly cut off by an SUV, and a mob of about 40 people surrounded them. Grabbing the pastor, they dragged him along the ground and beat him, accusing him of spreading Christianity.
The pastor and his wife were then dragged to the home they had just left. The angry mob demanded the church member and her daughter tell how much the pastor paid them to convert to Christianity. Despite the family’s adamant claims that they had been a Christians a long time and made the decision voluntarily, the mob beat the pastor again.
Although the pastor and his wife managed to escape and alert authorities, their ID cards and the pastor’s mobile phone, Bible and other documents were stolen during the assault. Several church members whose phone numbers were stored on the pastor’s phone have since received calls from a person pretending to be the pastor, asking them to meet him at various locations. The ID cards have been returned, but the phone and Bible are still missing.

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