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Boko Haram Still Persecuting Nigerian Christians
ICC Note
The killings of Christians in Nigeria doesn’t seem to come to an end. Christians are frustarted over the lack of protection as the killings continue.
By Charlie Butts
08/09/2012 Nigeria (OneNewsNow)-A Muslim terrorist group has conducted another deadly incident in Nigeria, escelating attacks on Christians.
Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern reports that the gunmen attacked Deeper Life Church in Otite in Kogi State.
“Muslim radicals killed 19 Christians, including the pastor of the church,” he details. “That attack took place while the Christians were holding a Bible study.”
Southern Nigeria is primarily Christian, but most of the attacks have taken place in the Muslim-dominated North. The fact that this attack was in central part of the country shows that the hostility is spreading.
“Yes, it happened in the central part of Nigeria, actually, which is very alarming,” Racho tells OneNewsNow. “It shows that the conflict is now coming closer to the southern part of the country. The Nigerian authorities must step up their pressure against Boko Haram, because we believe that this is by the Boko Haram group.”

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