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ICC Note:
The persecution of Christians by radical Islamists is increasing in Syria, Salem-News reports.
By Pervaiz Khokhar
8/2/2012 Syria (Salem-News) – The streets are most dangerous that is, unless it’s a Friday, when a few Syrian Christians dare to step outside of their homes amidst the persecution of Syria’s Christians by the Islamic rebels of the ‘Free Syrian Army.

In many Syrian towns, lawlessness has become the norm. When government forces aren’t present, Muslims have been known to rob churches and kidnap, rape, or even kill Christian women. Innocent bystanders simply making trips to the store have been gunned down. Curfews have done little to make anyone feel safer or less fearful, so the Christian community simply bands together and prays.
Hundreds of these Christian residents have watched their lives and their very freedoms slip away right before their eyes. Homs, a city which has been occupied by both government and rebel forces for weeks, is now alone the site of more than 1,500 violent deaths. As the Arab Spring continues to rage throughout Syria, thousands more people have lost their lives in a movement that seeks to strip President Bashar al-Assad’s regime of its power. And as Islamic protesters clash with government forces, Christians have become hopelessly tangled in the crossfire.
The most recent fighting has left over 50 Christians dead. One victim, a young Christian boy, was killed by rebels who filmed the murder and then blamed the act on government soldiers.
Another victim, a Christian man, was taken captive by rebels before being cruelly asked by them, “How do you want to die?” The man suffered a complete breakdown before he was eventually released. But the ever-present fear of persecution and violence is only part of the problem for Syria’s Christians.

Prayer Points from Syria’s Christians
Christians are asking for their supporters to pray that the situation will stabilize in Syria, and that Christians will once again experience religious freedom in their homeland.
Safety and provisions: Pray for the safety and security of Christians who remain in Syria. Pray also that the Lord will meet their material needs during this time of strife, fear, and persecution. Pray that local churches in Syria will grow under strong, godly leadership, and that Bibles, Christian literature, and other necessary resources would be provided for them.

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