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Eight Christian nurses ‘poisoned’ in Pakistan

ICC Note:

Christians in Karachi believe that eight Christian trainee nurses were deliberately poisoned because of their faith, Pakistan Today reports.

8/1/2012 Pakistan (Pakistan Today) – Eight Christian trainee nurses at the Civil Hospital were admitted to the hospital in a serious condition after they allegedly drank poisoned tea prepared at their hostel on Sunday night.

Local Christians claim that the nurses have been deliberately poisoned because of their faith and called for an inquiry into the incident. In a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Christian social activists alleged that the hospital administration was concealing the facts.

But Hostel Superintendent Nasreen Gill told Pakistan Today that the girls had prepared the tea themselves. “We have sent the samples of the ‘poisoned tea’ to Aga Khan Hospital and the toxicology report will be available tomorrow (Wednesday),” she said.

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