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Summer campsite of the Congregational, Assembly of God Church of Iran, situated in the outskirts of Karaj, has been closed down and visitors warned of dire consequences should anyone cross the threshold.
ICC Note:
The Assembly of God Church and its summer campsite in Tehran were closed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in May, Farsi Christian News Network reports.
7/9/2012 Iran (FCNN) – “Garden of Sharon” has, for decades been a popular site for Christian gatherings and conferences. It has, for years now, been closely watched, regulated, and controlled by the Islamic Regime.
FCNN (Farsi Christian News Network) reports from Tehran confirm the simultaneous closure of both the Central “Assembly of God” Church in Jennat-Abad Tehran; and its summer campsite “Garden of Sharon”, in May 2012.
By the powers bestowed on them, officers of the Revolutionary Guards Corp have locked the gates and posted warning notices forbidding entrance.
Not bothering with any pretence or regards for the rule of law and rights of ownership, the Islamic Regime has simply pushed them all aside and ignored.
Until eight years ago, when it was raided by State Security agents of the Islamic Republic, who also detained the large congregation present at the time; “Garden of Sharon” had for  decades been a popular site of well attended summer camps, Bible schools, Christian gatherings, and conferences.
Since then all such gatherings were strictly controlled and in any given week, even after prior ID confirmation, no more 40 people would be allowed to enter.
But since the handover of security responsibilities to the Revolutionary Guards Corp in recent months, these harsh restriction and controls have become even more draconian. The Revolutionary Guards Corps is only accountable to the Islamic Regime’s Supreme Leader; acting on his authority alone.
Revolutionary Guards Corps acts above the law, and having locked the gates of a lawfully registered institution’s property; there simply is no right of appeal left in the Islamic Republic, for the Church to appeal for justice.
Eye witnesses’ report of a large notice posted to the gates, forbidding entry, and warning of severe consequences (in Persian: of bodily punishing type!), should anyone disregard the order.

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