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Italian Foreign Minister: Stopping Anti-Christian Violence Should Be International Priority
ICC Note
Italy is urging the international community to help stop atrocities against Christians. Most of the anti-Christian attacks take place in Islamic countries.
07/20/2012 Italy (Catholic Culture)-Italian foreign minister Giulio Terzi has said that a drive to stop anti-Christian atrocities should be a top priority of world leaders.
Citing the killing of 800 Christians in Nigeria by the Boko Haram terrorist group since the beginning of this year, Terzi said that violence against Christians has been particularly common in Africa. “Stopping these atrocities must be the priority of the international community,” he said.
Terzi was speaking at a conference sponsored by the newly established Observatory for Religious Freedom in Rome. This Observatory, a joint creation of Italy’s ministry of foreign affairs and Rome, was set up to monitor and combat violations of religious freedom in the world especially in the areas “at risk” where minorities are under persecution.

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